Renters’ Programs

The following programs at Centre Greene are managed by outside instructors. Please contact the instructors directly for more information.


Montreal School of Performing Arts

Age: Various
Day: Various
Time: Various
Coordinator: Josa Maule

Geordie Theatre School

Age: 6 – 17 years
Day: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
Time: Various
Coordinator: Various


Classic Ballet

Age: Adults
Day: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Time: Contact the Centre for class dates and times
Coordinator: Sylvie Normandin
Contact: (514) 931.6202

Intermediate Ballet

Age: Adults
Day: Mondays
Time: 09h15 – 10h45
Coordinator: Sheila Lawrence
Contact: (514) 989.9034

Martial Arts & Wellness

Olympia Tae Kwon Do



Age: All
Day: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
Time: Various
Coordinator: Reza Ramezani
Contact: (514) 486.2139

Prayer of Heart & Body Yoga

Age: Adults
Day: Various
Time: Various
Coordinator: Lucinda Lyman
Contact: (514) 824.7993

Tai Chi

Age: All
Day: Wednesday
Time: 19h30 – 21h00
Coordinator: Paul Higgins
Contact: (514) 932.4227 |


Age: Adults
Day: Tuesday
Time: 18h30 – 20h30
Coordinator: Tina Galego
Contact: (450) 655.3605

Feng Huang Wushu

Age: All
Day: Tuesday and Sunday
Time: Various
Coordinator: Kin Yiu
Contact: (514) 519-3773 | |

Russian Martial Art (Systema)


Age: All
Day: Tuesday and Saturday
Time: Various
Contact: 514-452-7549 | Facebook: systema-westmount


Karate Shotokan


Age: Adults and Kids
Day: Friday and Sunday
Time: Various
Contact: (514) 933.2298

WZ Fitness

Age: Adults
Day: Mondays and Wednesdays
Time: 6:15pm – 7:15pm
Contact: (514)867-2016


Health & Education

La Leche League Breast Feeding Info & Support

Age: Moms & Babies
Day: 2nd Saturday of the month
Time: 110h00 – 11h30
Coordinator: Melissa Mitsiko
Contact: (514) 939.0698 | (514) 522.5393


MacGregor Soccer School

Age: 6 – 15 years
Day: Saturday
Time: Various
Coordinator: Greg MacGregor
Contact: (514) 935.4036 |

Sunday Night Basketball

Age: Adult
Day: Sundays – New players welcome!
Time: 19h00 – 21h00
Coordinator: Detroit


Age: 2 – 4 years
Day: Sundays
Time: 9h00 – 12h30
Coordinator: Nicolas Lafrance
Contact: (514) 331.3221 |

EDU Soccer

Age: See Website
Day: Fridays
Time: 18h00 – 20h00
Coordinator: Florin Ioan David
Contact: (514) 482.5240 | |

ProSet Autism

Age: Kids
Day: Saturdays
Time: 15h00-15h45 and 15h45-16h30
Contact: (438) 321.1564 | |


Monkey Rock Music

Age: Parents and Children
Day: Fridays
Time: 10h00 – 1-2 year olds, 10h45 – 2-4 year olds, 11h30 – 0-1 year olds
Coordinator: John King
Contact: |