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Room Rentals

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By proceeding with a room booking, I agree to the Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions (found on this page).


Rental Rate: $60/hr
Dimensions: 66ft x 45ft
Approximate Capacity: 25
Inquiries:  (514) 931.6202 
Equipment Included: Nets
Notes: No food of any kind is allowed in the gym.


Rental Rate: $50/hr
Dimensions: 42ft x 26ft
Approximate Capacity: 45
Inquiries: (514) 931.6202 
Equipment Included: 10 tables and 40 chairs
Notes: No DJs are allowed and noise levels must be kept to a reasonable level out of respect for our neighbours. If you would like access to the Kitchen there will be an additional one time $20 fee.


Rental Rate: $20 one time fee (can only be rented with Sunroom)
Approximate Capacity: 8
Availability: only available with the Sunrooom
Inquiries: (514) 931.6202
Equipment Included: 2 stoves, fridge, microwave and coffee maker
Notes: This room can only be rented in conjunction with the Sunroom. When renting the Sunroom please specify that you would like access to the kitchen.

Conference Room

Rental Rate: $20/hr
Dimensions: 11ft x 18ft
Approximate Capacity: 8
Inquiries: (514) 931.6202 
Equipment Included: 3 square tables that together form one large rectangular table, and 8 chairs.

Dance / Martial Arts Studio

Rental Rate: $30/hr
Approximate Capacity: 20
Inquiries: (514) 931.6202
Equipment Included: ballet bars, sound system
Notes: Outside shoes and high heels are not allowed in this room due to special flooring.

3rd Floor

Rental Rate: $25/hr (only available in very specific cases as it is now an office workspace)
Approximate Capacity: 16
Inquiries: (514) 931.6202 
Equipment Included: 2 tables, 12 chairs, kitchenette and bathroom
Notes: This room is only accessible by 3 flights of stairs.

Multi-Purpose Room (Not Available for Birthday Parties)

Rental Rate: Not available to rent
Approximate Capacity: 18
Reserve Online: Not available for rent
Inquiries: (514) 931.6202
Equipment Included: All supplies in the room belong to our After-School program so must not be used.
Notes: This room is not available for birthday parties.

Is my time or space available?

In order to provide the most up-to-date information you are now able to click the name of a room below, and this will open a page where you can view the busy times of a room. Hopefully this will help you in planning times and dates for renting space at Centre Greene! To book the room and times, please call during business hours. 

Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions

1) The time allotted under this rental agreement will be respected. The renter will be charged our full hourly rental fee for any additional time spent in the space. This includes set-up and clean-up times. Renters are expected to vacate the building upon completion of their allotted time, which includes the use of showers and other facilities.

2) The renter will ensure all participants follow the safety measures put in place by Health Canada.

3) The renter understands that it is his/her responsibility to familiarize him/herself with Centre Greene’s Safety Measures Plan (see office for document), as well as relevant emergency evacuation routes. Renter is responsible for the safe evacuation of all his/her participants in an emergency.

4) The renter is responsible for leaving the room clean and tidy. Any furniture or equipment that was moved will be returned to its original location. The floor will be left clean. There are brooms and mops available for this purpose. If the kitchen is part of this agreement, it will be left clean; all dishes will be cleaned and put away. If the renter fills the recycling bins, it is their responsibility to empty the bins into the larger bins in the basement. Any areas left dirty will incur a cleaning fee.

5) Centre Greene is located in a residential neighborhood and all efforts must be made to respect its peace and quiet. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that his/her guests respect the municipal bylaws regarding noise, loitering, parking and usage of the alley between Greene Avenue and Columbia Street. Public Security will be called and the renter’s event will be terminated, on the spot, if there are transgressions of the bylaws.

6) It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that participants do not park behind the Centre. Unauthorized cars will be towed. Please inquire at the office about additional parking nearby.

7) The renter is responsible for replacing any Centre Greene equipment that is lost, stolen or broken while in their possession.

8) The renter agrees that Centre Greene is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

9) The renter agrees not to look to Centre Greene, nor to its insurers, for any property damage and/or personal injury or death caused by or to any or by any persons participating in the renter’s program/event at Centre Greene, 1090 Greene Avenue, Westmount, Québec.

10) The renter understands that rooms not part of this agreement are strictly off limits to the participants of the renter’s program/event.

11) For events/programs involving children, the renter is responsible for ensuring that children are supervised at all times. The renter agrees not to leave Centre Greene premises until all children have been picked up by their parent(s) or guardian(s).

12) Centre Greene is a non-smoking building. Please ensure that this is respected.

13) Cancellations made less than a week prior to the event date will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.                              

Noncompliance with these conditions will result in a termination of rental agreement.