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Centre Greene in partnership with the Quebec Writers’ Federation presents this fabulous StoryScaping Workshop with Patti Warnock. This multigenerational activity is FREE for youth (ages 15-30) and seniors. This program is offered via Zoom. Interested? Contact programs@centregreene.org to register.  See the detailed information below:

Workshop title: In Your Own Voice, In Your Own Words

Workshop description:
Unleashing the imagination – Are we trained to use our imagination…or is it neglected?

Whether recounting a love story or an adventure, a true-life story or one that’s totally imagined, the participants will be free to improvise and adapt as they are guided through the creative process of bringing a story to life and telling it in their Own Voice and their Own Words.

This workshop is an invitation to explore not only the process of creative writing, but also a brief introduction to basics of oral and nonverbal communication necessary for the transmission of a story. The participants will create an original short story or monologue and practice skills (including recognizing the essential story elements, use of pictographs, voice, gesture, etc.) in order to learn as opposed to memorizing a story for telling.

Through laughter and tears, participants will share their thoughts and ideas, memories and emotions, in a positive, enjoyable, and non-judgmental environment designed to encourage growth and well-being… simply for the pleasure of it!
Through the sharing of stories, we may see past our differences; stimulate interaction between generations, languages, and cultures; strengthen our confidence, identity, and sense of community.

About Patti:

Patti Warnock, aka La Contesse, has participated in cultural activities and festivals throughout Quebec, Canada, the Caribbean, France, Iran, and China, receiving commendations for her storytelling and writing work. Her repertoire (for the young at heart of all ages) consists not only of traditional style tales, but also of her own creations, where reality and fiction walk hand in hand, and which are based on the reality of everyday life events, and on her own childhood in rural Quebec and in northern Canada.

October 5, 12, 19 and 26th from 10:00 to 11:00am on Zoom.